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New York Bakery Company Bagels

New York Bakery Company bagels
  • practical
  • good for everything
  • inexpensive
  • no longer come pre-sliced

Rating: 5/5

The New York Bakery Company produces a wide range of bagel products including mini bagels, bagels and premium bagel ranges.

Every morning for breakfast I always enjoy a toasted sliced bagel either by itself or topped with any number of toppings. Not only is it good with regular breakfast toppings it is fantastic in a large number of applications. Just add some bacon and an egg with some ketchup in a sliced bagel and you’ve got yourself one of the best sandwiches around.

Bagels generally keep for about a week or so while in the bag, but if somehow you do manage to not eat them all before the due date, no need to worry. If you run the bagel under running water just enough to get it damp and then put it in the microwave for 20 seconds it will be soft and moist and ready to eat.

There are only a few bagel alternatives available in the UK and Europe, these include freshly cooked bakery bagels that can be found in supermarkets, Costco and local bakeries. Unfortunately not all stores sell bagels especially in the rest of Europe where it is almost impossible to find them in supermarkets and bakeries.

What do you prefer, bagels or sliced bread?

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