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BMW 318Ci SE

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  • Fun to drive
  • Great handling
  • Good performance
  • luxurious
  • Fuel consumption (negotiable)

Rating: 4.5/5

The 2003 BMW 318ci SE is powered by a 2.0 liter 147hp engine, putting down 148 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels. It offers a great driving experience with a comfortable interior and perfect driving position.

The BMW 318Ci SE has been my everyday car for the past 7 months and since then I have had more than enough time to get to know the car. There are so many different things that I could say about this car but I will keep it short and talk about the most important parts.

Let’s start with the interior, when I bought this car it had the standard cloth interior which I replaced with the leather interior from a BMW M3. The leather interior offers a stylish, luxurious and sporty feel to the car and just gives you that little reminder of the kind of car you are driving. The stock stereo came with a cassette player, which I have no problem with, and then added an auxiliary input to the car for connection with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5). The sound quality isn’t the greatest but it isn’t bad either, the upgraded Harmon Kardon stereo should sound much better.

The driving position is low and sporty and gives you the feeling that you have total control of the car and is very easy to adjust to. All of the important stereo and speed controls are directly on the steering wheel and easy to use without looking. The dashboard sports a small LCD display where you can track the trip distance, average speed, temperature and mileage.

Moving on to the exterior the car is stylish from every angle and the instantly recognisable BMW kidney grill. There is nothing bad to say about the exterior, it’s all great from the wind noise reducing mirrors and frameless doors to the ferocious front styling that tells the person in front of you to get out of the way.

I would without a doubt suggest this car to anyone looking to get an “inexpensive”, stylish, rear wheel drive sports car. Just don’t expect to be getting great gas mileage and watch out for those rainy days, it likes to get its back end out.

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